Mad Hippie
re-brand consultation, 2023

I had a lot of fun working on a consultation project for Mad Hippie where I brainstormed towards a complete redesign of the brand’s logo, advertising, packaging (the whole sha-bang!). The brand wanted to shed their old branding, which had a juvenile, DIY kind of feel with lots of different fonts, colors, drawings, etc. and replace it with a modern, sleek style. It was critical to also convey their use of natural ingredients and pay homage to the founders origins as surfers. I came up with packaging prototypes, sample ads, and other items that ultimately informed the company’s final decision. 

Experience First Consulting
logo design, business cards, branding guide, & website, 2022

I was tasked with designing a logo, branding guidelines, business cards, and a website for a museum/visitor services expert who wanted to take her consulting business to the next level. The goals were to produce a branding package that conveyed trustworthiness, expertise, and fun in the context of museum education. I designed the logo to look like people visiting a museum and viewing a painting, using bold line work and colors to highlight the playful nature of the work, but for the remaining deliverables, I focused on modern and  minimalist design to ensure streamlined UX and a professional feel.

Maddie McCarthy Doula Care
logo design, 2021

The Homey Studio
branding, web, and logo design, 2020